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isobar n : an isogram connecting points having equal barometric pressure at a given time

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From iso- + baros weight


  1. A line drawn on a map or chart connecting places of equal or constant pressure.
    In meteorology, it most often refers to a line drawn through all points of equal atmospheric pressure along a given reference surface, such as a constant height surface (notably mean-sea-level on surface charts); the vertical plane of a synoptic cross section, or a map of the air unaffected by surface heating or cooling. The pattern of isobars has always been a main feature of surface chart analysis. Until recently it was standard procedure to draw isobars at 3-millibar intervals. However, the advent of constant pressure charts for upper-air analysis has brought about the use of 4-millibar intervals to simplify the conversion from surface isobars to 1,000-millibar contour lines.
  2. In the context of "nuclear physics": Either of two nuclides of different elements having the same mass number.
  3. In the context of "thermodynamics": A set of points or conditions at constant pressure.


either of two nuclides

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Isobar may refer to:
Isobar is also linked to:
  • Isotope, one of multiple varieties of the same element of different atomic masses
  • Isotone, one of multiple nuclides with equal numbers of neutrons
  • Isomer, one of multiple molecules with the same formula
  • Nuclear isomer, a nuclide in a neutral state (i.e., containing more energy, but with no change in number of protons and neutrons)
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air mass, anticyclone, artificial isotope, cold front, cold sector, cyclone, deuterium, front, heavy hydrogen, high, high-pressure area, isomer, isometric, isometric line, isopiestic line, isotherm, isothermal line, isotone, isotope, low, low-pressure area, nuclear isomer, occluded front, polar front, protium, radioactive isotope, radioisotope, squall line, stationary front, strontium 90, warm front, weather map, wind-shift line
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